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Connect | Analyze | Enrich

Identify a unique customer across all social media channels & understand his activities

Find opportunities to engage on social media channels

Track Everything Important : Monitor specific keywords, #hashtags, @account, @mention related to your industry, answer users’ questions, and share related content that can help solve problems.

Find new, relevant audiences to target by building social listening queries based on product & extend brand reach



Social + Chat | Triggers | Actions

Use our A.I. based solutions to engage with consumers on a one-on-one basis at scale

Once you’ve started identifying your customers, keep fueling the conversation. Create trust through conversations.

Connect your social accounts to react directly within mentions automatically.

Monitor your content and brand name - Follow what people say about you & your brand and thank those sharing it with a personal message.

Our social solutions and real-time engagement products harness the passion of fans, creating measurable data and insights for our clients.



Social + Chat | Reward Network | Deploy

Reward each digital  activity of an individual consumer across social media platforms

Don’t hesitate to show some love by sending out gifts - virtual or physical.

Always let people know you appreciate their support.

Choose from our reward partner network of 100+ reward partners OR Create your own reward program